Accelerate and de-risk your Business Intelligence delivery projects


A 2010 Gartner survey quoted that "as many as 9 out of 10 data related initiatives failed to meet their objectives due to poor project management and data governance."


This is because Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects have a higher degree of inherent risk and complexity than traditional software delivery projects due to constantly evolving requirements and priorities coupled with the magnified impact poor data quality has on success.


Don't become one of the 9/10 use our highly experienced Business Intelligence Project Management  professionals who...




·         have hands-on experience in all aspects of the BI lifecycle from requirements and solution architecture through to build, test and go-live. Our PM's are practicing BI professionals who can take a technical lead role and advise on BI best pratice. They understand first-hand what is required to deliver a successful project and where to identify and how to contain technical and project risks.

·         as independent experts in their field they can credibly challenge and provide checks and balances to your project team and suppliers to reduce miscommunication, assess quality of deliverables and ask the probing questions.

·         can apply the most effective lifecycle and cost/scope control to suit your organisational culture and BI maturity. We can implement a range of agile or hybrid lifecycle methods that provide flexibility whilst still maintaining cost and quality control. We can provide a range of work products templates to support you in requirements capture, data modelling, controlling specs and test plan templates all specifically adapted to BI projects that get you off the ground quickly.

·         have broad BI product knowledge who can recommend and introduce productivity techniques and tools that bring forward and increase the quality of your deliverables. These accelerators range from data warehouse prototyping, data quality analysis and modelling through to automated test harnesses.

·         can accurately estimate and plan your projects from the start using a range of estimating models to set realistic budgets and limit the chances of surprise cost and time overruns late in the project

·     who can manage a range of stakeholders from lead business users though to executive sponsors in order to manage expectations and communicate technical concepts effectively

We value our independence and we believe you will too


We are wholly independent and are not tied to, nor influenced by any vendor or supplier so we are in the unqiue postion to give you truly qualified independent advice without any hidden agendas, in fact with our deep inside knowledge we can help you get the best out of your consultants, system integrator or product supplier.


We pride ourselves on our honesty, openness and pragmatism. Our clients always come first and your interests are always central to our services.


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Our experience




With experienced gained in top tier consultancies and systems integrators our collective expertise covers:



  • All industry sectors including, but not limited to, financial services, telecommunications, FMCG and government.
  • Small proof of concept projects to large complex data warehouse deliveries
  • Projects that are global in scope and both Fixed Price and Time and Materials
  • Using blended offshore and onshore teams
  • Teams sizes in excess of 50 FTEs and budgets up to $20m
  • Greenfield, in-flight and recovery projects
  • Business critical projects such as those driven by immovable regulatory constraints and deadlines


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