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As a specialist Business Intelligence consulting firm, InfoExpo only focuses on offering and continually developing services that are proven to maximise the value from Business Intelligence initiatives and ensure they deliver to time and budget:

BI Product Evaluation and Selection



With our broad market knowledge, enviable contact book and true independence we can run product evaluation and selection exercises to suit your time-frames and budget:



  • Light and quick - A research only based evaluation
  • Formal - An RFI based selection approach based on vendor responses
  • Formal and rigorous - rather than relying purely on vendor responses we will use a proof of concept (PoC) approach to tangibly validate evidence of fit to selection criteria.

Where applicable for each approach we will

  • Provide a clearly defined process and manage the project
  • Supply a long and short list of candidate vendors / products
  • Manage the vendor contacts throughout the process
  • Provide and help define selection criteria both functional, non-functional and commercials
  • Use our expertise to assess the degree of compliance to selection criteria
  • Provide recommendations

Data Governance and Data Quality Management Frameworks


Solid data governance and good data quality is critical to the success of any BI and data warehouse project.

InfoExpo help you implement Data Governance and Data Quality Management Frameworks, tools and processes centred around the principle of financially recognising data’s value to the enterprise. This unique approach supports not only specific projects but allows the wider business to manage investment in data related activities as a portfolio of strategic assets linked to their impact on business activities.

InfoExpo help you build a self sufficient capability to continually monitor and protect this value but equally importantly, identify and exploit untapped returns; this will be in terms of risk reduction, operational efficiency, and sustainable new revenue streams.


Our frameworks are designed around the principles of Portfolio and Quality Management and include


      Data Governance Scorecard (compliance to policy rules and DQ metrics)


      Data management artefacts (dictionaries, data models, asset registers, data flows, metric definitions etc.)


      Operating Model Blueprint

          Definition of Roles and Responsibilities (RACI matrix, JDs, Objectives, Competency / Skills framework)

          Operating model – Co-ordinates the governance function describing who does what when and under which conditions

•     Data Polices and Principles

Business Intelligence Strategy and Business Case Development


If you are unable to answer any of these questions then it is likely that you will need a clearly articulated Business Intelligence Strategy to address them:


  1. Are you delivering the right requirements that are of genuine value to the business?
  2.  Are you missing any requirements?
  3. Do you have the technical and organisational capability to deliver all future long term requirements?
  4. What should this capability look like?
  5. When and in what order should you build it?
  6. How much investment will be required over this period and at which points?
  7. What is the long term roadmap to ensure the greatest ROI is achieved and how can this be brought forward?


InfoExpo can work with you to develop a workable BI strategy, our guidelines are that a winning strategy will have the following characteristics

  • Aligned to the business strategy with a clear vision, scope and goals
  • Be business focused (i.e. Meaningful to the CEO/COO/CFO/CIO)
  • Cover as much of the business as feasibly possible
  • Be long term in nature and durable
  • Aligned to related strategies and policies such as Data Governance
  • Contain a clearly articulated plan/roadmap and approach with measureable ROI checkpoints, including tactical options and guiding principles
  • State the benefits vs cost of each investment in a clearly articulated business case
  • Describe how the strategy will be delivered and managed including risks and mitigations
  • Assign accountabilities and responsibilities for its delivery

The BI strategy we deliver to you will cover

  • BI Architecture (process, data, function, organisation, technology, location)
  • Business Organisation and change
  • BI Governance
  • Funding / costing methods
  • The entire BI lifecycle and supply chain
  • Benefits realisation
  • Communications strategy

A number of BI strategies may co-exist reflecting the scope of the business need, for example a global strategy to span BI that requires co-ordination across Lines of Service and Geographies. Local BI strategies may extend the global strategy to take into account specific regional requirements or restrictions e.g. Local regulations

Request for Proposal Development and Response Evaluaton


A large number of BI projects spiral out of control and fail due to poorly scoped and evaluated proposals from vendors that leave enough ambiguity to leave a project in deadlock when scope changes, budgets are exceeded or there is a mismatch in expectations.


Having originated from the ‘supply side’ we can help you develop a high quality request for proposal that is:


  1. Clear and tight in scope with high quality requirements specifications to help your supplier respond quickly and accurately
  2. Covers every aspect of delivery from defining and bounding deliverables, unambiguous user acceptance methods and criteria through to effective project governance to make sure nothing is left to chance or interpretation.


We can also assist with evaluating responses by:

  1. Challenging proposed solutions and approaches for suitability
  2. Comparing costs and effort estimates with our own models to ensure you get a fair deal.
  3. Assessing delivery plans along with associated assumptions and risks to test for realism


This service can critically save you potentially £millions in Change Control Notices and wasted budgets downstream by ensuring you start on the right foot with you partners and suppliers and also help them to provide quality responses.


Other services

  • BI business and data analysis
  • Supplier transition management
  • Test strategy and management
  • Data and process modelling